Since 1993

Welcome to White Lotus Organizing.

The white lotus grows in the murkiest of waters and yet emerges a pristine white. Let us help you to emerge from clutter and disorganization to find clean, clear space or free time. We can help you achieve any level of organization from "I want to be able to find my stuff" to "I want everything in its place, labeled and color-coded".

We've worked on offices, playrooms, garages, closets, media rooms, family rooms, kitchens, all kinds of spaces. We can also help you with time management. We can help find and reduce those time stealers that mean there's never enough hours in the day.

When your space is organized you open up a place for those things that mean the most to you. When your time is organized you open up your schedule for those things that are important to you, as well as, being able to fit in a little "me" time and recharge yourself.